AAHC Tools & Toolkits

AAHC Tools and Toolkits are designed to assist academic health center leaders in enhancing administrative infrastructure as well as develop programs that build on addressing the social determinants of health.

Education & Training Clinical Research Compliance Tool

Designed as a stand-alone tool, or as a supplement to the Clinical Trials Administration Toolkit, This tool is designed to assist academic health center leaders, research administrators, compliance and clinical trials office administrators, and directors of compliance education and training in strengthening and improving the development and implementation of clinical research compliance education and training programs.

Where Health Begins: An Online Toolkit for Collaboration

To advance efforts to build a national movement and facilitate communication, collaboration, and leadership in addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) as a key way to prevent disease and improve health and well-being, AAHC created the online toolkit. Academic health center leaders and representatives from multiple sectors—including employers, nonprofit organizations, the federal government, the public health community, community organizations, and foundations—can use this website to explore online resources about SDOH and assess an organization's efforts to address SDOH with the online scorecard.

Clinical Trials Administration Toolkit

The Clinical Trials Administration Toolkit is designed to assist academic health center leaders, research administrators, chief compliance officers, and faculty in clinical trials coursework in establishing, strengthening, and improving the administrative infrastructure for the research enterprise, particularly to manage and support compliance functions for clinical trials. The toolkit is divided into 10 easy-to-follow steps that lead the user from self-assessment of current administrative processes and operations to examination of integral organizational structures for optimal institutional practices and policies.