Note Bene

Intended to provide insightful and useful commentary for academic health center thought leaders, Nota Bene offers perspectives on the threats and opportunities faced by academic health centers in a strategically challenging environment to help academic health center leaders and their institutions move forward to respond to the realities of 21st century medicine.

Volume 3, Number 1


In this information age of increasing amount and availability of “knowledge” for public use, it is vital that this information be processed and evaluated so that individuals, be they professionals or lay persons, make informed decisions. As honest and trusted resources for the information they collect and the knowledge they generate, academic health centers should shoulder the critical responsibility and play a proactive role as the curators of medical and scientific information.

Volume 2, Number 1

The Role of the Physician in 21st Century Healthcare

For thousands of years, the practice of medicine has followed the long-standing traditions typical of a profession. A physician possessed a unique body of knowledge and skills and put them to use in the care of patients. As such, the doctor-patient interaction was paramount and served as the foundation of a personal, caring relationship that has stood the test of time. But the forces that are changing 21st century medicine are on track to disrupt millennia of tradition.

Volume 1, Number 2

Medicine and Machines: The Coming Transformation of Healthcare

In an environment of accelerating returns, these are striking examples of the transformative power that results from the ongoing convergence of these and other technologic advances.

Volume 1, Number 1

Eight Strategies for Effective Partnerships in Healthcare

The fundamental collaborative challenge in healthcare partnerships centers on mission alignment. It is entirely reasonable (and expected) that different organizations will have different priorities and strategic visions. A common—and major—mistake is the assumption by one or more partners that they will be able to drive their missions across the partnership with the same focus and prioritization they had before the partnership was formed.