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The Transformation of Academic Health Centers: Meeting the Challenges of Healthcare’s Changing Landscape

(2015)  This book provides comprehensive and forward-thinking perspectives that are of deep value to those who lead and work at academic health centers as well as those interested in the future of h...

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Out of Order, Out of Time: The State of the Nation’s Health Workforce

(2008/2013 Update)  This AAHC report focuses attention on the critical need for a new, collaborative, coordinated, national health workforce planning initiative. The report’s seven chapters include ...

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Improving Health Care in the Middle East and North Africa

(2014)   The Lancet , By Edward Hillhouse, Steven Wartman Healthcare delivery, education of health professionals, and health research are rapidly changing. Trends—such as an aging population, an i...

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GME Reform Report: Report and Summary of AAHC Regional Roundtable Series on Graduate Medical Education Reform

(2015)  After the release of the IOM report on GME in July 2014, many members urged AAHC to convene a meeting to discuss the Association’s role, if any, given the IOM’s recommendations. It was made ...

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From Education to Regulation: Dynamic Challenges for the Health Workforce

(2008)  This book includes a set of papers commissioned by the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) to elucidate some of the thorny issues related to producing and retaining a 21st century ...

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For the Health-Care Work Force, a Critical Prognosis

(2007)  The Chronicle of Higher Education,  By Daniel W. Rahn and Steven A. Wartman In this article, the authors present findings showing that the healthcare shortage in the United States is serio...

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Facts at a Glance

(2009)  AAHC conducted an extensive survey on the organization, management, operations, and finances of academic health centers nationwide. The results of the survey identified key statistics, trend...

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21st Century Academic Health Center, Books & Reports, Leadership, Organization, and Management

Confluence of Policy and Leadership at Academic Health Science Centers: A Professional and Personal Guide

(2012)  A groundbreaking publication that provides in-depth accounts and details of the knowledge and skills necessary to lead these complex organizations that educate health professionals, conduct ...

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21st Century Academic Health Center, Books & Reports, Leadership, Organization, and Management

Budgeting, Development, and Nursing Shortages: Views from Academic Health Centers

(2004) With increasing costs and shrinking budgets, academic health centers must seek new and creative strategies to maintain or improve the financial viability. In this report, academic health cen...

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21st Century Academic Health Center, Books & Reports, Leadership, Organization, and Management

Best Practices in Faculty Recruitment, Retention, and Development in Academic Health Center

(2005) Academic health centers are actively engaged in innovative and successful efforts in faculty recruitment, retention, and development. This report is a compilation of case studies submitted b...

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