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Improving Health Care in the Middle East and North Africa

(2014)   The Lancet , By Edward Hillhouse, Steven Wartman Healthcare delivery, education of health professionals, and health research are rapidly changing. Trends—such as an aging population, an i...

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An International Association of Academic Health Centres

(2009) The Lancet,  By Steven A Wartman, Edward W Hillhouse, Louise Gunning-Schepers, John EL Wong Governments around the world struggle with the challenges of providing good-quality healthcare,...

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For the Health-Care Work Force, a Critical Prognosis

(2007)  The Chronicle of Higher Education,  By Daniel W. Rahn and Steven A. Wartman In this article, the authors present findings showing that the healthcare shortage in the United States is serio...

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Academic Health Centers and the Social Determinants of Health: Challenges and Barriers, Responses and Solutions

(2015)  This report identifies consensus challenges and barriers to addressing social determinants of health, proposes a variety of responses and solutions, and focuses in particular on the role of ...

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