AAHCI-MENA Webinar | COVID-Free Hospital: How to do it?

July 16, 2020

AAHCI MENA Member, Sidra Medicine, is working closely with Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation (also an AAHCI Member) to ensure that they are supporting the nation and its people during this global pandemic. Sidra Medicine, as a healthcare institution, is also taking all precautions for their staff and patients and following the guidance and advice received from the Ministry of Public Health. Dr. Ibrahim Janahi, Chair of Medical Education, Designated Institutional Officer and the Division Chief of Pulmonology at Sidra Medicine, presented in this Webinar on how to make your hospital “COVID-Free”. A COVID-FREE facility is a hospital that has been quarantined throughout the pandemic – a stand-alone building that has never seen a COVID-19 case and is physically separated from those that care for patients with COVID-19.


  • Ibrahim Janahi, M.D.
  • Chairman, Medical Education and DIO
  • Division Chief, Pediatric Pulmonology
  • Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
  • Sidra Medicine, Qatar
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