AAHCI-LAC Webinar | University of São Paulo Medical School: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Medical Education

June 16, 2020

Brazil has become a global hot spot of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases are soaring, and studying pathology and the widespread health consequences associated with the virus is needed now more than ever. Hosted by the LAC Regional Office Host, University of São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP), this webinar brought together experts on the frontline who shared how their faculty and medical students are grappling with responding to COVID-19 at the undergraduate, graduate, clinical, and international mobility levels. They also shared solutions that they developed to overcome the current and foreseeable challenges faced for Medical Education at FMUSP. View the webinar here.

Valeria Aoki, MD, PhD
Vice-President (CRINT FMUSP)

Eduardo Krieger, MD, PhD
Executive Director (CRINT FMUSP)

Aluisio Segurado, PhD
President (CRINT FMUSP)

Milton de Arruda Martins, MD, PhD
President, Graduation in Medicine FMUSP

Luiz Felipe Moreira Pinto, MD, PhD
Vice-President, Graduate Committee FMUSP

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