Facts at a Glance

AAHC conducted an extensive survey on the organization, management, operations, and finances of academic health centers nationwide.

The results of the survey identified key statistics, trends, and gauges that clearly reveal the vital importance of academic health centers to the nation’s economic development, in the advancement of biomedical research nationally and globally, and for the provision of and access to needed and diverse health care services in our communities.

These fact sheets provide a concise summary of significant data derived from the survey:

Academic Health Centers: Creating the Knowledge Economy 

(2009) Academic health centers are essential to creating and sustaining an economic future in which knowledgeresources, know-how, and expertise produce economic benefits and determine success around the globe.

Academic Health Centers: Building a New Economy Through Research 

(2009) Academic health centers are central to the nation’s economic development and U.S. preeminence inscience. Academic health centers are pioneering biomedical advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and chronic illness, and are reinventing the nation’s research infrastructure to move proven technologies and therapies more quickly into community practice to improve the health of people worldwide.

Academic Health Centers: Providing Healthcare Services and Expanding Access

(2009) Academic health centers provide needed healthcare services—from preventive to quaternary care—and,as essential safety nets, ensure access to diverse populations nationwide. Academic health center teaching hospitals are among the largest hospitals and maintain a reputation for superior quality of services.