Confluence of Policy and Leadership at Academic Health Science Centers: A Professional and Personal Guide

AAHC is pleased to offer a groundbreaking publication that provides in-depth accounts and details of the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the complex organizations that educate health professionals, conduct research, and deliver advanced care: Confluence of Policy and Leadership at Academic Health Science Centers: A professional and personal guide.

Published by Radcliffe Publishing, London and New York, the volume is comprised of chapters that cover the science of leadership, organizational structure, financial and personnel management, public relations and communications, trainee and student policy, community relations, and globalization authored by academic health science center leaders recognized for their expertise and experience, the book offers key information and guidance on successfully leading and working in these institutions. 

Edited by AAHC’s President and CEO, Dr. Steven Wartman, the book explores internal and external program and policy development including accountability in a comprehensive fashion.  It is believed that this volume on leadership and policy is the first one of its kind to provide an extensive overview of these significant topics for current and future leaders as well as for those who work at academic health science centers. The book is also an important step in AAHC’s strategic goal to further articulate the compelling value proposition of academic health science centers: Advancing and Applying Knowledge to Improve Health

AAHC agreed to undertake the production of Confluence of Policy and Leadership at Academic Health Science Centers in response to the Commonwealth Fund Task Force on Academic Health Centers conclusions that the institutional culture of academic health science centers must change to increase openness, teamwork, commitment to learning, continuous improvement, and accountability.  The book is the first in a three-volume series with Thomas Inui and Richard Frankel of Indiana University serving as the series’ editors. 

It is a must read for anyone who leads or works at an academic health science center.

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What Academic Health Science Center (AHSC) Leaders Are Saying

This book provides the first in-depth analysis of the extraordinary leadership skills and qualities required to lead these highly complex institutions.

Edward William Hillhouse, PhD, BSC, MBBS

Whether it is a new governing board member, a new chief executive officer, or someone aspiring to climb the ladder of leadership, the book brings perspective to the breadth and depth of issues faced by AHSC

Nancy Dickey, MD

Written by experienced leaders of AHSC’s, and expertly edited by the President and CEO of the Association of Academic Health Centers, this book explores the intersection of policy and leadership at AHSC’s and deals with many of the key issues facing these enterprises in an era of unprecedented change. Much wisdom and valuable insight are provided within these pages.

Larry J. Shapiro, MD

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