Social Determinants of Health

Academic Health Centers and the Social Determinants of Health: Challenges and Barriers, Responses and Solutions

(2015) This report identifies consensus challenges and barriers to addressing social determinants of health, proposes a variety of responses and solutions, and focuses in particular on the role of academic health centers in collaboration with other stakeholders

Medical Education Must Move from the Information Age to the Age of Artificial Intelligence

(2018) Academic Medicine, By Steven A. Wartman and Donald C. Combs
Medical education has undergone numerous changes since the Flexner Report, but the changes enacted thus far are inadequate to meet the needs of 21st century medicine powered by artificial intelligence. Medical knowledge is increasingly being externalized as healthcare consumers, companies, and evolving new types of practitioners enter the field. This article highlights the contention that changes in medical education will be insufficient if they are not responsive to the new skills required by practitioners in the age of artificial intelligence.