Research Infrastructure: Declining Support, Increasing Challenges

(2005) Academic health centers face a growing challenge to fund the crucial research facilities that benefit the nation. This report presents data on research facilities, current funding sources, and construction costs, and includes several recommendations to help academic health centers ensure that the nation’s research infrastructure is viable for the future.

Organization and Management of the Research Enterprise: Vice Presidents for Research

(2004) Recognizing the need to strengthen their research infrastructure, academic health centers have reorganized to consolidate research administration into a key leadership position. To ensure effective planning, oversight, and implementation of a broad spectrum of complex research activities, vice presidents for research bear responsibilities to direct research for the entire academic health center.

How Much Does Research Cost? Key Findings: AAHC Report

(2014) The majority of research conducted by academic health centers occurs within medical schools. There is considerable confusion among policy-makers regarding the relative contribution of sponsored research – by government, industry and foundations – toward the total cost of research. This report provides key findings from AAHC’s Benchmarks & Metrics Initiative, Financial Expense and Funding Source Data Project that address: the proportion of medical schools’ expenses attributable to research; the relationship between medical schools’ external grants & contracts funding and total research expenditures; and the proportion of research expenditures funded from internal institutional funds (not external sponsored research).

The Bayh-Doyle Act: Issues, Concerns, and Conflicts

(2005) The Bayh-Dole Act, a cornerstone of the academic research enterprise, has been one of the most significant forces to advance the commercialization of research. However, questions have been raised about research relationships and the policies and practices involved in the academic government-industrial triad.

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AIM Mission Alignment Survey Results

The Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) believes that optimizing alignment between the education, research, and clinical missions of academic health centers is crucial to the future of these vital organizations and the populations they serve. Such alignment—where education, research, and patient care inform one another and make each other more effective—creates enormous potential for improved health and well-being as a learning health system progresses. This is the rationale for the creation of the Aligned Institutional Mission (AIM) Program™.

To that end, AAHC distributed a survey to member institutions to help guide the AIM Program as it prepares for the full roll-out to all members in 2018. The mission alignment survey garnered a total of 42 responses from AAHC and AAHCI member institutions.