Scholars & Mentors Program

In response to the growing interest and need for programs that support current and future leaders of academic health centers, AAHC and AAHCI are pleased to announce two programs: one for senior scholars and one for aspiring leaders. Both are based at the AAHC offices in Washington DC.


AAHC and its international branch, AAHCI, offer opportunities for established and aspiring leaders of academic health centers to become deeply immersed in a variety of critical issues impacting healthcare delivery, health professions education, and biomedical and clinical research, as well as organizational and management issues regarding academic health centers. Areas include, but are not limited to: health and public policy; the healthcare workforce; research and analytic studies; social determinants of health; globalization; and personal leadership development.


Program 1: Senior Scholar

This opportunity is intended for individuals with current or previous senior academic health center leadership experience who desire to enhance their knowledge and skills in health and public policy and national/international thought-leadership by working closely with the AAHC President/ CEO across a broad range of management and leadership activities; if desired, a specific area commensurate with AAHC’s portfolio of activities may be selected for concentrated work.

The senior scholar’s schedule is flexible but is expected to consist of a minimum of one month’s engagement at the Association in Washington DC (which may be spread flexibly over a specified period of time). Longer engagements are also welcome on an individual basis. Office space and staff support will be provided at the AAHC headquarters in Washington, DC.

Senior Scholar Requirements
  • Curent or previous AHC senior leaders
  • Minimum one month commitment
  • Located in Washington, DC

Program 2: Scholar-in-Residence

This newly developed program is focused on aspiring organizational leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests in the health professions. The Scholar-in-Residence is based at the AAHC office in Washington, DC with a focus on a specific area of interest within the Association’s current activities; the Scholar-in-Residence will also receive personal mentoring from the Association’s President/CEO.

The Scholar-in-Residence is expected to spend a minimum of the equivalent of ten weeks at the Association, which may be completed in a single stretch or spread out over a period of six months. Scholars-in-Residence are expected to receive salary support from their home institution. Office space and staff support will be provided at the AAHC headquarters in Washington, DC.

Scholar-in-Residence Requirements
  • Aspiring leaders with healthcare backgrounds
  • Minimum 10 week stay
  • Located in Washington, DC

Application Process

Those interested in Senior Scholar positions should send a letter or email expressing interest and a preferred timetable of engagement. Areas of mutual interest will be explored, as well as feasibility, before a final decision is reached. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Those interested in being considered for the Scholars-in-Residence program should submit a letter of intent that includes reasons for the application and potential areas of interest, a letter of support from the home institution, a proposed time table of engagement, and a CV. Applicants may subsequently be interviewed, either in person or by electronic means, before a final determination is reached.

Due to the highly individual nature of these programs and in light of AAHC’s organizational capacity, the Scholar Programs will be limited in number. Depending on the interest at any given point in time, there may not be availability for qualified applicants.

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