2021 Global Innovation Forum

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Collaboration Drives Innovation: The Critical Role of Academic Health Center Partnerships
AAHC Connect – A Premier Virtual Experience

April 19 – 23, 2021

Academic health centers have proven to be instrumental and resilient institutions in their responses to the pandemic, advancing health and well-being as they adapted continuously to serve communities on both regional and global scales. When academic health centers act collectively, there is an exponential increase in their power to improve the human condition. Academic health centers will continue to drive innovative clinical care, research, and education to lead the way to universal health and wellness.

The 2021 AAHC Global Innovation Forum (GIF) is an exceptional and unique opportunity for AAHC/I members to meet online, discuss mutual concerns, share experiences, and collaborate as one global community. Join us to explore the critical disruptions, transformations, and innovations that AAHC/I members are achieving through partnership in a shifting and highly challenging healthcare environment. Members also will have the opportunity to explore new collaborative opportunities through the inaugural AAHC Partner Summit.

The 2021 GIF is designed for current and aspiring academic health center leaders and is open to all faculty and learners from AAHC and AAHCI member institutions.