2019 AAHC Annual Meeting

AAHC and AAHCI meetings and events are open to the senior leadership, faculty, and staff of our member institutions.

In addition to regularly scheduled meetings and programs for AAHC membership—including the Global Issues Forum, the Senior Administrative/Fiscal Officers annual meeting, AAHC’s Annual Meeting, and an annual Research Meeting—AAHC and AAHCI hold various events that are open to our member institutions and specifically invited organizations and individuals. These include online programs, topical roundtables, and AAHCI membership and regional meetings. Additional special programs and events include regional roundtable series and offerings of the AAHC Thought Leadership Institute. 

For any questions or for more information, please call the AAHC office at 202.265.9600. For information specifically related to AAHC domestic meetings and events, email For inquiries regarding international meetings or events, email