Thought Leadership Institute

AAHC is the global thought leader on issues impacting academic health centers and their tripartite mission. The AAHC Thought Leadership Institute convenes provocative and inspiring thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to discern transformative ideas.

The Institute focuses on areas that have the greatest potential for institutional transformation. These areas include: leadership; the growing interface of medicine and machines; the globalization of healthcare; health professions education reform; and evolving academic health center models.

Program Areas

Professional Intelligence: Medicine, Machines, and the Future of Healthcare

AAHC and Elsevier , a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, launched this first program offering of the AAHC Thought Leadership Institute.

The Globalization of Healthcare

Due to the global nature of health, economic, and population concerns, there is a critical junction of need and opportunity for academic health centers to work in partnership worldwide and, in doing so, to be among the crucial forces shaping the 21st century. Now is the time for academic health centers to work with stakeholders in improving health and well-being.

Health Professions Education Reform

The convergence of healthcare system trends suggests that new collaborative practices and innovative models for 21st century health professions education must be adopted for a world where medicine and machines will transform healthcare.

Evolving Models of Academic Health Centers

It is increasingly evident that academic health centers must adapt to the economic challenges of consolidation, costs, value, and “corporate management.” Developing optimal organizational models that emphasize integration and alignment is essential to their success.