Broad Workforce Policies

AAHC Report: Out of Order, Out of Time: The State of the Nation’s Health Workforce

In the lead up to the ACA health reform debate, AAHC published a landmark report focusing on the importance of comprehensive and coordinated health workforce reform as a key component of successful health system reform. The report addresses:

  • The creation of a national health workforce commission in order to establish a strategic health workforce policy--although the commission was authorized by the ACA, and its initial membership chosen, the commission has not yet been funded by Congress nor convened
  • Health labor markets that are adversely affected by dissatisfaction with jobs and work environment, as well as the limited success of recruitment and retention strategies--market incentives, increased debt, and other financial concerns are contributing to suboptimal supply and distribution of the health labor force
  • Technological advances that will over time transition the locus of care from the venue of the healthcare provider to that of the patient, wherever the patient may be located, fundamentally changing the care management paradigm--healthcare professionals must adapt and develop appropriate skill-sets necessary to fulfill their evolving roles

AAHC Policy Recommendations: