AAHC Initiatives

AIM Program Participants and Consultants at Universitas Indonesia

Working to advance health and well-being, AAHC’s initiatives focus on:

Aligned Institution Mission (AIM) Program

The AAHC Aligned Institution Mission is a customized peer review consultant service available to member organizations to help them set and meet strategic goals, measure organizational alignment, and benchmark their success. AIM is tailored to benefit each institution on an individual level no matter its size, finances, or stage of development. Find out more about how your academic health center can optimize its organizational performance.

Health Workforce

A broader, more integrated strategic vision than the historic approach to health workforce policymaking and planning is needed if complex and urgent health workforce issues are to be addressed effectively. Learn more about strategic action that can be taken.

Improving Community Health

Academic health centers are increasingly engaging the social determinants of health and focusing on health equity by design in their approach to individual and population health. Find out more about best practices and new programs that academic health centers and community leaders are putting into effect.

Surveys and Analysis

AAHC conducts member surveys and provides in-depth research analysis to help member institutions establish benchmarks. Major data collection initiatives include the AAHC Annual Member Institution Profile Survey, the AAHC Annual Salary Survey, and a series of related surveys focused on comparative institutional performance measures that collectively are referred to as the AAHC Benchmarks & Metrics Initiative.

Thought Leadership Institute

The AAHC Thought Leadership Institute provides a forum for provocative and inspiring thought leaders from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and sectors to identify transformative ideas and discuss their applications. Find out more about the Institute’s first program, an exploration of Professional Intelligence: Medicine, Machines, and the Future of Healthcare.