AAHCI Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities

Each spring AAHCI hosts the Global Issues Forum in Washington, DC for global and US academic health center members. These meetings provide an opportunity for leaders of academic health centers to share successful healthcare models, best practices, interprofessional training and collaborative practices, workforce development, the use of technology and big data, and leadership training.

Regional Global Meetings

Opportunities are available to underwrite or sponsor educational regional global meetings. Funding to support attendance of members from developing countries, who might otherwise be unable to participate in these forums, is a priority. These members come from regions and countries where financial resources are scarce, and they are often on the front lines in fighting deadly epidemics such as Ebola, handling a health crisis caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and in war-ravaged regions where healthcare is almost non-existent.

Planned Regional Meetings: Latin America / Asia-Pacific / Middle East / Africa / Europe

AAHCI Online Programs Funding Opportunities

AAHCI Online Programs hosts educational webinars for academic health center leaders on such topics as health equity by design, social media, crisis management, organizational alignment, research administration, benchmarking and metrics, research funding, and international collaboration.

To explore partnership and funding opportunities, please contact the development office at 202-265-9600 or development@aahcdc.org.

AAHC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations received are fully tax-deductible according to IRS regulations. AAHC’s EIN number is 52-0940978. Please note: AAHC accepts unrestricted funds, and funds for specific programs and purposes, provided that such gifts are consistent with our stated mission, purposes, and priorities. AAHC does not accept funds that would compromise AAHC’s independence, mission or program work, or would place AAHC’s public image or professional reputation at risk.