Alliance & AAHCI Membership

2019 AAHC Annual Meeting

The Alliance of Academic Health Centers and AAHCI support their members as they educate the next generation of health professionals, conduct biomedical research, and provide patient care.

Improving the health and well-being of the communities that members serve depends on the continuous advancement, alignment, and optimization of each element of this three-part mission.

The AAHC/I mission is to lead members as they transform, adapt, and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape—including thought leadership, programs, policy development, advocacy, meetings, publications, and research and analytics.

For more information on member benefits, see the Alliance Membership Brochure.

  • Member Benefits
  • Criteria to Join

Member Benefits

Networking and Personal Connections to Leaders

The Alliance and AAHCI represent a global network of academic health center leaders that facilitates opportunities to build new relationships, consultations, partnerships, and collaborations.

Management and Mission Support

Individualized Leadership Support: Provides a range of services from peer-to-peer queries and comparative institutional surveys.

Aligned Institutional Mission (AIM) Program and AIM CONNECT: Assists members in developing and implementing institution-specific strategic goals for the alignment of education, patient care, and research.

Sullivan Alliance: Provides resources and programs that increase focus on health equity for patients and develop pathways for learners from diverse backgrounds in every area of healthcare and across all aspects of academic health centers.

Leadership Programs: AAHC/I offers programs that enhance academic health center leadership, aimed at current leaders of academic health centers as well as emerging and aspiring leaders around the world.

Executive Leadership Platforms

AAHC President’s Councils: Academic health center leaders, individuals with in-depth expertise in a relevant area, and key facilitators convene to examine critical issues that impact academic health centers, formulate consensus statements, and share best practices.

Executive Leadership Groups: Key members of academic health center leadership teams network, collaborate, and share their expertise and experiences to address issues of concern with their peers.

Meetings, Conferences, and Online Programs

AAHC/I provides its members multiple opportunities to meet with and share best practices with peers as well as healthcare leaders and experienced experts from around the world, in-person and virtually.


Public Messaging: AAHC/I advocates and represents the unique interests and needs of academic health centers to policy leaders, news media, and thought leaders.

AAHC Spotlight: AAHC/I features the important, everyday work of academic health centers around the world and the impact they have on society through new treatments and cures, innovative approaches to prevention and prediction, and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals, including leaders in public health.

Global Reach

AAHCI Regional Offices: International offices bring together academic health centers and systems within their region and provide valuable insight on the key issues and challenges they face.

International Collaboration Initiatives: AAHC/I programs facilitate information exchange, collaboration, and partnership opportunities between members across all regions of the globe.

The AAHC/I Profiles in Partnership is a member-only program that provides opportunities for members to exchange information and build new pathways to explore collaborative opportunities.

Exclusive Publications

Free subscriptions and Access to unique AAHC/I publications, including the Annual Salary Survey, Leadership Perspectives, Leadership Perspectives International, Case Studies in Academic Health Center Best Practices, and Insights from the AAHC AIM Program.

Member discounts on AAHC/I products and services, including books, tool kits, guides, and tailored data analysis.

Criteria to Join


  • Membership in the Alliance and AAHCI is institution-based. The membership year is July 1-June 30.
  • Academic health centers eligible for membership are accredited, degree-granting institutions of higher education that educate a wide variety of healthcare professionals; offer comprehensive basic and advanced patient care; and conduct a broad spectrum of biomedical and health services research. They must include: an allopathic or osteopathic school of medicine; at least one other health professions school or program (such as allied health, dentistry, graduate studies, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and veterinary medicine); and one or more owned or affiliated teaching hospitals, health systems, or other organized healthcare services.


  • Membership in AAHC International™ (AAHCI) is institution-based. The membership year is July 1 – June 30.
  • An International Institutional Member is an institution, alliance or partnership situated in a country other than the United States that has, or has among its alliance or partnership:
    • A school of medicine
    • One or more other health professions schools and/or advanced medical research programs
    • A relationship to one or more teaching hospitals or health systems.

To join or for more information:

US-based institutions interested in membership may contact the Alliance by phone, 202-741-0747, or by email.

International institutions can apply here: International Application

Learn more about upcoming opportunities by viewing our Roadmap.