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The Future of Healthcare

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing significant changes to all aspects of healthcare.

Artificially intelligent machines will work alongside—and in some cases supplant—human healthcare providers. The number of data points per patient will increase exponentially, requiring new approaches to data management and application. Large, vertically integrated health systems along with the tech sector will aggressively challenge the hegemony of academic health centers. Leaders of academic health centers have many pressing items on their plate, but often not enough time to delve, for example, into the larger and profound issues mentioned above. Through AAHC’s Thought Leadership Institute, meetings and publications, the Association has strived to look into the forces shaping healthcare and how they may impact the future of academic health centers.

More Information and Related Topics

AAHC is the global thought leader on issues impacting academic health centers and their tripartite mission. The AAHC Thought Leadership Instituteconvenes provocative and inspiring thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to discern transformative ideas. Sessions have included:

  • January 2016: Recognizing the profound changes unfolding in healthcare and at academic health centers, the AAHC Board suggests potential program areas, such as The Interface of medicine and Machines, The Globalization of Healthcare, and Evolving Models of Academic Health Centers.
  • April 2016: The first program launched, and supported by Elsevier, focused on Professional Intelligence: Medicine, Machines, and the Future of Healthcare.
  • September 2016: A special TLI session at the 2016 AAHC Annual Meeting focused on Medicine and Machines: Must a Physician be Human?
  • December 2016: A resultant report, Medicine and Machines: The coming transformation of healthcare, was released and provides a synthesis and interpretation of this critically important topic.
  • May 2017: A TLI panel provided thought-provoking perspectives and led a dynamic discussion on Humanism and Technology in 21st Century Healthcare at the 2017 AAHC Global Issues Forum.
  • October 2017: The second program launched under the auspices of the TLI, and sponsored by Elsevier, focused on Challenges in Educating the Healthcare Providers of the Future: Technology, and brought together academic health center Chief Academic Officers in an in-depth roundtable discussion of challenges and sharing of best practices.