Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD, MACP


2005 - 2018

The privilege of serving as President/CEO of AAHC for 13 years has given me an extraordinary opportunity to gain a deep perspective and understanding of academic health centers.

It provided a far-reaching platform to observe and reflect on the potential and challenges of academic health centers in a markedly evolving healthcare, scientific, economic, social, and political environment. AAHC has adapted and grown to offer insight and leadership in these evolving times. Five examples are highlighted in this web section:

The Future of Healthcare

The AAHC Thought Leadership Institute was established to provide insight into the deep changes taking place in 21st century healthcare and their impact on the academic health center.

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The 21st Century Academic Health Center Mission

The Aligned Institutional Mission (AIM) Program was developed to assist academic health centers in capturing the synergies and efficiencies from optimal alignment of their education, research, clinical, and community service missions.

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A Global Community of Academic Health Centers

AAHC International was created to enhance learning and build collaborative relationships among academic health centers. worldwide.

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The Importance of Leadership

A guide for successful leadership searches was published while much personal consulting and CEO roundtables were added to AAHC programs.

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The Healthcare Workforce

AAHC issued a number of important reports, recommendations, and held a series of regional roundtables that focused attention on the critical need for coordinated healthcare workforce planning and system change.

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Change is happening much faster than we realize and could potentially outpace the ability of institutions to respond proactively. For academic health centers, capturing the synergies and efficiencies of optimally aligning the missions of education, research, and patient care so as to create a real-time learning health system is the key to the future, a future guided by the principle of improved health and well-being for all.