Measuring, Comparing, and Improving Research Mission Performance

Many academic health center CEOs are concerned about public policy changes that could result in significant and perhaps sudden reductions in government research funding and clinical revenue and the difficult fiscal decisions they will likely face as a result. 

 Specifically, discussions among AAHC member institutions often touch on several related, recurring themes:

  • The current and future sustainability of clinical revenue streams in light of health system reform and the federal and state budget deficit environment;
  • A growing consensus that academic health centers have reached a critical juncture in their growth and evolution, and must improve their strategic planning capabilities; and
  • Less-than-optimal information about funds flows within the institution and lack of comparative data optimized for the entire academic health center.

The AAHC Benchmarks & Metrics Initiative is a growing set of analytic tools responding to these concerns as they apply to each component of academic health centers’ tripartite mission. Because research constitutes the largest portion of many institutions’ expenditures, much of the early activities undertaken by the Initiative have been focused on research-related expenditures and funding.

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