The "New Physics" of Patient Care

Advances in science and technology, along with changing economic forces, are creating a “new physics” of patient care.

Academic health centers are transforming their clinical mission to focus on: Care Anywhere, Team Care, Data Sets, Advances in Artificial Intelligence, and Care with Compassion.

  • Care anywhere: Patients will be able, except for certain serious conditions, to receive care wherever they are in the world that can be delivered remotely through internet-based technologies.
  • Care by teams: Rather than rely on a single healthcare provider, patients will increasingly be managed by large healthcare teams, each member of which offers specific expertise.
  • Care by large data sets: As we approach the era of precision medicine, very large amounts of data will be collected on individual patients, including genetic information, tissue bio-banking, and many other sources. New tools are required to store and effectively manage all this information.
  • Care by machines: Striking advances in artificial intelligence is giving rise to a new and growing class of healthcare providers in the form of machines. These will include a broad range of care delivery, from surgery to personal health services to nanobots.
  • Care with compassion: In a highly technologic health system, clinicians are needed to address the human factors in medical decision-making that go beyond probabilities to manage uniquely human complexities. The time-honored importance of compassion and empathy must remain fundamental in any healthcare transformation.

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