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Medical Education Needs a Reboot

(2016) Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD, MACP::: This presentation highlights how medical education is shifting from a linear continuum to a multidimensional system, and curriculum is switching from knowledge-based to communication-, management-, and systems-based. A further implication is that the market will play a larger role in healthcare workforce creation and deployment.

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Academic Health Centers: Addressing Social Determinants of Health

(2015) Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD, MACP:::: This presentation highlights the importance of making the business case for academic health centers to address the social determinants of health. Recognizing the concerns regarding costs and demand for care, the presentation points out several reasons as to why now is the time for academic health centers to apply internal approaches, collaborate with o...

Disruptions in Healthcare: Academic Health Centers as a Solution

(2014) Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD, MACP:::: In light of the many disruptions in funding, economics, and healthcare policy, academic health centers need to focus even more on mission alignment, balance, and apply an integrated, interprofessional vision. “Risk” demands that these institutions increase consideration of the patient’s environment in all mission areas.

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Academic Health Centers: Vulnerabilities and Disruption

(2014) Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD, MACP:::: This presentation reviews the hybrid of academic and business that make academic health centers unique institutions. Noting that the status quo is no longer acceptable and that academic health centers are susceptible to “disruptive innovation” in the tri-partite mission of education, research, and clinical care, the presentation highlights some solutio...

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