AAHC Toolkit Designed to Enhance Optimal Clinical Research Administration

The Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) has produced a Clinical Trials Administration Toolkit designed to assist academic health center leaders, research administrators, and chief compliance officers in establishing, strengthening, and improving the administrative infrastructure for the research enterprise, particularly to manage and support compliance functions for clinical trials.

“This Toolkit is an innovative, yet practical, step-by-step guide to analyze and improve clinical trials administration,” said AAHC President and CEO Dr. Steven A. Wartman, adding, “At a time when the research enterprise is being transformed, leadership must align policies, people, and processes to manage the administrative and financial risks of clinical research and ensure compliance.” 

The Clinical Trials Administration Toolkit is divided into 10 easy-to-follow steps that lead the user from self-assessment of current administrative processes and operations to examination of integral organizational structures for optimal institutional practices and policies. Academic health center leaders, as well as the multiple stakeholders engaged in clinical trial activities from research to billing, can use the Toolkit to identify critical information, tackle major hot spots, and strengthen institutional policies to achieve a high-performing clinical research enterprise.  

“This valuable Toolkit will help all users assess and leverage resources to maximize and align organizational strengths and manage effective operations for this critically important research area,” according to Dr. Wartman. 

The Toolkit is a product of groundbreaking work and review undertaken by AAHC’s Forum on Regulation, an executive leadership group comprising chief compliance officers of academic health centers nationwide, which is dedicated to fostering the development of appropriate regulatory compliance frameworks for research enterprises.

To order the Toolkit, contact AAHC at 202-265-9600 or visit the website for more information. 

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