Key Issues

  1. Graduate Medical Education (GME): AAHC convened a series of seven regional roundtable discussions of stakeholders asking two key questions: 1) What are the top two GME-related issues or concerns with respect to your institution, state, and/or region?, and 2) Is your current GME program adequate for training physicians to meet your area’s future healthcare needs? Based on the results of those discussions, AAHC issued a comprehensive report on the future of GME.
  2. Building Healthy Communities: because AAHC member organizations are deeply embedded in their communities and regions, AAHC has taken the lead in developing programs and providing information to assist its members in responding to identified needs. AAHC released a report, Academic Health Centers and the Social Determinants of Health: Challenges & Barriers, Responses & Solutions .
  3. Medicine and Machines: As artificially intelligent machines play larger roles in healthcare, their interface with human health providers is unclear, including such questions as: How will these machines be managed? What are the ethical and social considerations? What will be the future role of physicians? The AAHC Thought Leadership Institute has presented its first report on the topic.

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