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AAHC Online Programs deliver timely and relevant content for the academic health center community, presented by experts in healthcare and a variety of associated disciplines. To register for a session, and view the session details, please click on the session title below.  Scroll down to view recent recordings and the complete program archive, sorted by topic area.  AAHC Online Programs are offered free of charge and participation is open to the entire academic health center community, unless indicated otherwise.

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Aligned Institutional Mission (AIM) Program: Interprofessional Education and Practice

March 22nd, 2pm Eastern Time

The AAHCI Aligned Institutional Mission (AIM) Program™ focuses on improving the alignment of academic health centers and focuses on five core components: mission alignment, internal accountability, external accountability, interprofessional education and practice, and knowledge sharing. This webinar will explore the topic of interprofessional education and practice (IPE) within academic health centers, with discussion around combined curricular implementation, alignment among the various health professions educational programs, and the extent to which healthcare delivery is impacted by interprofessional teams. The speakers will discuss important lessons learned in IPE, and findings thus far in the AIM program. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about IPE and the AIM Program.


Frank Cerra, MD, University of Minnesota


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