Annual Meeting 2018 banner

2018 AAHC Annual Meeting, themed Envisioning the Future of Academic Health Centers, takes place on October 11-12, 2018 at The Gwen Hotel in Chicago, IL.

This year’s AAHC annual meeting focuses on ways academic health centers are planning for the future, including structural shifts at academic health centers and the evolving tripartite mission (research, education, clinical care). Topics to be addressed include:

  • aligning research and patient care;
  • strategic assessments and academic health center management;
  • disruptive technologies in healthcare;
  • structural and systemic change; and
  • aligning health professions education with patient care needs.

This year’s annual CEO Roundtable, convening in advance of the Annual Meeting, spotlights the future of the academic health industry and how AAHC can best serve this community. This will be a strategic planning session for the future of the organization. Travel support is available for CEOs who register for the CEO Roundtable, to be held on Wednesday afternoon, October 10.

The Annual Meeting welcomes current and aspiring academic health center leaders, and is open to all faculty and staff from AAHC member institutions. The meeting also provides an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer networking, exchanging ideas, and sharing best practices.


Disruptive Technology in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Xiaodong Tao, PhD

Medical Knowledge and New Media

Richard Nuttall
Howard C. Bauchner, MD
Editor-In-Chief, Journal of the American Medical Association