Non-recurring Surveys and Reports

In recent years, a major focus of AAHC’s data collections has been retrospective financial data on direct and indirect academic expenditures, collected for the purpose of establishing benchmarks and metrics for comparing performance. 

A principle focus of this initiative was new findings on the cost of research.

AAHC is increasing its focus on assisting academic health center leadership in making informed decisions regarding the issues of greatest import to future success. These non-recurring surveys include:

  • Member Profile Survey Research Supplement Overview
  • Senior Administrative/Fiscal Officers Opinion Surveys Overview
  • Vice Presidents for Research Opinion Surveys Overview
  • Academic Health Center Census

    Based on a survey of AAHC membership, AAHC published a Census reporting on data related to the organization, management, operations, and finances of academic health centers nationwide. The resultant Facts at a Glance provide a concise summary of significant data derived from the Census.
  • Miscellaneous Surveys