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Senior Administrative and Fiscal Officers
In addition to evaluating academic health center financial operations, cost allocation models, and budget plans, the Senior Administrative and Fiscal Officers (SAFO) executive leadership group is engaging in current and new endeavors with the AAHC:

Proactive Strategies in Challenging Economic Times

SAFO members enjoy significant benefits from the exchange of ideas and experiences between peers. The group is currently addressing strategies for success as academic health centers face the challenges of the economic downturn and prepare for healthcare reform. As the group examines and evaluates various approaches, ranging from building broader and more productive philanthropic bases to leveraging assets through community partnerships, this unique opportunity for dialogue encourages innovation and improved financial management of academic health centers.

Global Operations

The SAFO Global Operations Workgroup was formed to address the challenges and risks academic health centers face when entering and engaging in global activities. The workgroup met in February to identify areas of concern in global operations - specifically highlighting human resource, regulatory, finance, insurance, and security issues - and is providing ongoing research on these points. Focused on facilitating the efficient development and dissemination of global operations best practices and standards, the AAHC is profiling member institutions’ global operations practices, strategies, and organizational structures. The results of these profiles will be developed by the workgroup into a tool providing guidelines and recommendations.

Academic Health Center Data Gathering

Having worked closely with the AAHC on a census, the group has provided additional advice and assistance on data gathering so as to optimize its depth and scope as a resource for members.
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